A pregnancy essential

The bellyhood is a must-have for the fashionable pregnant woman. An essential accessory to the wardrobe that aids in transitioning existing clothing to maternity clothing.

Easily slipped on over your shoulders or you can step into it.

It is made with soft and stretchy modal and will fit your belly like a comfortable ‘hoodie’. Your bump is pleasantly snug when wearing it. It hides a protruding belly button; pant buttons, open pants, and the inevitable love handles. Towards the latter stages of pregnancy the bellyhood offers much needed support.

The back is beautifully pleated and rests easily on your lower back.

Mave Maternity is all about accentuating the beauty of pregnancy and empowering women to show off their curves and baby bump.

Fashionable pregnancy clothes

The bellyhood has enough stretch so that it will grow with your belly all through your pregnancy.

It is 29″ in circumference when ‘un-stretched’ and due to the pleated backing, the middle of the bellyhood will accommodate a bump up to 50″ in circumference.

Wear it on top of a tank top and with jeans, or on top of a tight fitted dress. You can also add shape and figure to a loose summer dress by adding on the bellyhood. You can pair it almost anything! Let your stylish senses inspire you.