Designer Pregnancy Clothes

designed by

Mathilda Christoffersen

What is Mave?  – The name ‘Mave’ is translated from Danish and means belly. Mathilda, a native of Denmark, dreamed up the design when she was expecting her son, Hudson.

“I was one of those pregnant women who never felt sexier and more at peace with my body, as I did when I was pregnant. I loved my new curves and wanted to show the whole world that I was expecting. Upon shopping for maternity clothes I was disenchanted to find that most of the styles available were loose and unflattering. I did notice a few silhouettes sewn with a side elastic, which allowed for a more form-fitting look. However, the majority I found to be offered in only solid colors or stripes. I wanted to wear something that would immediately draw attention to my rapidly growing midsection. By designing the bellyhood, I created the perfect solution! At Mave Maternity we want to accentuate the beauty of pregnancy and help empower every woman to show off her curves and baby bump”

xo Mathilda

Proving that pregnancy does not have to be boring. Flaunt Your Bump with Mave Maternity.

Designer Pregnancy Clothes